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Research, Research, Research - Finding Value in Sold Items

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Finding comparable items that recently sold allows you to price competitively and determine whether or not the item is worth your time to list.

Do your research! If you’re proactively sourcing your inventory, it’s important to see what’s trending. Find out the ending price of sold items and keywords used from completed listings. See if an item has saturated the market or if it’s a rarity like the green Frye Paige boots above. If it's a unique item that's highly sought after or a designer item, it provides more reason as to why the price should be marked higher. If you want to sell the item quicker, list it at a lower price. If you’re patient and in no hurry to move your inventory, sell it for higher. Price accordingly.

If you see completed listings for an item that was sold for an incredibly low amount, determine whether or not it's worth your time, effort, and the eBay fees to actually list the item or if it would be better to move on to another item.

Step-by-step instruction on how to find recently sold items:

1. In the 'Search for anything' bar at the top, type in the item that you want to sell (i.e. Ralph Lauren bear sweater).

2. On the left side, scroll downward until you see 'Show Only' and check off 'Sold Items'. The 'Completed Items' option will then be automatically checked.

3. If there's a considerably large number of results that appear, you can narrow down the search by entering more keywords or filters like the size or color.

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