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eBay with Grace - All Up In Your Face

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Starting on eBay? Explore this 5-part series for our beginners! (Part 3)

To be honest, I'm glued to my phone at times. It's more convenient than turning on the computer to browse the web. eMarketer's data show that US adults spend 3+ hours on average on the phone daily. Don't be caught out in the cold this winter, be prepared for these mobile users. With more people on their phones, how can we optimize the buyer's experience on the mobile app?

Three Ways to Improve the eBay Mobile App Experience

  • Install the eBay app on your phone so that you can keep track of your listings and sales. You can also view what the listings look like in the app and how it differs from the desktop display. When someone purchases your item, you can plan accordingly to make sure that you package and ship out the item without delay.

  • Pictures show up at the top center when users view a listing on the eBay app. Make sure there’s good lighting in order to take appealing photos and to effectively capture any flaws. Avoid having only one photo. Sellers can use up to 12 photos. Take advantage of this! Photos help buyers decide on whether or not they should make the purchase.

  • Answer customer questions promptly to prevent any hesitation the customer would have from buying or bidding on your item. Turn on your eBay notifications so that when you receive a question, you'll be alerted and you can answer it right away on your phone.

Statistics on the eBay mobile app:

The eBay app has been downloaded at least 490 million times and will continue to increase. 33.28% of US mobile users use the eBay app, which is about 62.15 million monthly U.S. users.

Statistics on mobile app usage:

It’s no surprise because mobile app usage for shopping is growing. According to Flurry Analytics, mobile apps geared towards the shopping category had the highest growth.

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